Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, defines the customization process of a website, to increase traffic, by improving its visibility to Search Engines, such as Google Yahoo or MSN, for better indexing and ranking on a certain keyword or phrase. This will result a better rank on the search results displayed by the Search Engines on the desired keyword or phrase.

Another Internet Marketing Strategy involves actually paying the search engine companies to display your website, when someone searches on those keywords or phrases. This Marketing Campaign called "pay-per-click", involves bidding on particular keywords or phrases against other competitors also wanting to rank high in the results for them. The more competitve the bidding, the higher the cost to get your website displayed.
This can easily result in spending much more than your budget allows to get the desired results.

WebWorks SEO Services

  • On-Page Optimization: Titles, Meta Tags, Headers, URL structure, Images
  • Optimizing Tags, Redirects, Error Pages, Best use of JavaScript code
  • Proper Links Structure and Search Engines Essential Files
  • Review of your site content or structure
  • Content optimizing and development
  • Ranks and competitors analysis
  • Link Posts Strategy Submission
  • Link ads and banner Campaigns
  • High ranking sites Research
  • One-way inbound links
  • Keyword Research

WebWorks offers SEO services to do a high level analysis of your website, based on over eight years of experience in Internet Marketing Strategies and On-Page Optimization.
Our SEO experts will present a proposal to completely optimize your website.
No one can promise that your website will be ranked first in Search Engine results... and neither do we, but we will make sure your website gets the best visibilty with Search Engines as possible.

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